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   Max Sexsmith, began carving stone in 1990. He takes a dense and dusty chunk of Quebec soapstone and transforms the metamorphic steatite into a beautifully polished figure.

  By using a variation of delicate files, riffler rasps, chisels, sandpaper and ultimately - bees wax he manipulates the stone into an "object d'arte" During his travels to Inuvik and Yellowknife he'd met with and traded techniques with fellow sculptors.

  Some of the best soapstone comes from Quebec due to the fact that it's cut from the ground rather than blasted. A stone blasted often leaves fractures that cause integrity failure during the sculpting process. He makes a foray to the mine site 2 to 3 times a year to select stone.

  Max still on occasion holds private as well as some public exhibitions in Ontario and USA. In addition, he thoroughly enjoys teaching sculpting to 4th through 6th graders in their own classroom's where they are given the opportunity to use their imaginations and create their own individual objects d'arte.

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This soapstone carving is an example of Max's work.

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